Best Songs During the 90’s

The 90’s was arguably the best age for metal, hard rock and pop. Some of the best songs during the 90’s came from renowned bands like Slipknot, Bon Jovi and others who we are going to include later on; some of the songs included Vogue, Baby Got Back.


A perfect example is the Nirvana’s song ‘Smells like teen spirit’ which was number 6 in the US. That was in the year 1991. Nirvana was an American rock band which was started in 1987 by Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. The single above was the one that made the band a success which was in their second album Nevermind.


Another song that was hitting in the 90’s was ‘Vogue’ by Madonna. The queen of pop had many songs that came out at number one in the charts. Some of the other songs that were able to top were: Like A Virgin, La Isla, Take A Bow and 4 Minutes.


Backstreet Boys were also a well-established band and was among the best songs during the 90’s; they were able to come up with the song I Want It That Way which was number 6 in the late 90’s (1999). Dr. Dre was also a singer in the 90’s with various songs including ‘Nuthin But A G Thang’ which featured Snoop Doggy Doggy. The song topped at number 2 in 1992.


Under the Bridge which was a song by Red Hot Chilli Peppers is a song released in 1991 and ended up at number 2 in the ranking at those times. Some artists came up with many hit songs which topped the charts for most of the 90’s some of them included 2pac, Alice in Chains, Jewel whose songs were California Love, Man in the Box and Who Will Save Your Soul respectively.


In 1990, some of the songs that were a hit included: Nothing Compares 2 You by Sinead O’Connor at #1, U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer which was #8, Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe at #2. These are but a few of the songs that made 1990 a memorable and spectaculars year.


1991 on the other hand, was a successful year with various bands and artists trying their best to produce songs that would satisfy the needs of their die-hard fans and make them famous. Some of these songs included Enter Sandman by Metallica; Gonna Make You Sweat by C+C Music Factory, Gett Off by Prince & The New Power Generation and Unbelievable by EMF which topped at #1. Other songs were also released that year but the ones listed were major hits.


The other part of the 90’s was also full of surprises with some of the notable bands coming up with major hit songs. The best songs of the 90’s were mainly metal which electrified the fans and the kids of that age and time. Various people, however, had multiple likes and dislikes of their own. However, the fact that most people loved metal saw to it that this kind of songs became songs of the mass.